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Palad Khik LP Glan

Luang Phor Glan


Luang Phor Glan Luang Phor Glan who is recognised as one of a select group of monks who have created some of the the very best Palad Khik. He was … Continue reading

Luang Phor Erp

Luang Phor Erp


Luang Phor Erp LP Erp  was well known for his knowledge of  sacred sciences even before he became a monk, often called upon by local villagers to perform ceremonial exorcism … Continue reading


Sacred Wood


Inherent Power of Sacred Woods The type of wood that a Palad Khik is carved from can determine its properties, the efficacy of which is enhanced by the monk blessing the amulet. … Continue reading

Luang Phor Ie


Luang Phor Ie Inroduction Phallic talismans, or amulets, known in Thai as ‘Palad khik’, have a long tradition as lucky charms and for redirecting malevolent forces. Worn on a string … Continue reading


Phi Ta Khon festival


Phi Ta Khon – An ancient fertility rites festival The Phi Ta Khon festival is unique to the Dan Sai District in Loei Province and reflects the local Isan belief … Continue reading

Phra Nang Phallic Shrine

Phra Nang Phallus Shrine


Phra Nang Cave, Krabi Many visitors to Phra Nang beach simply go there to soak up the sun, however, some local people visiting Phra Nang aren’t just there to admire … Continue reading

What is Shaivism?


Shaivism or Saivism is the name given to a group of religious traditions which regard Lord Siva, also spelled as Shiva, as the highest Supreme Self or Brahman and worship … Continue reading

River of 1000 Lingas


River of 1000 Lingas, Kbal Spean, Cambodia Kbal Spean is a unique place to visit. It is a carved riverbed, set in the jungle, northeast of Angkor. It is commonly … Continue reading

Mae Tuptim Shrine BKK


Mae Tuptim Phallic Shrine, Bangkok The Mae Tuptim  phallic shrine is located in the grounds of the Nai Lert Park Hotel, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok.  The shrine is strewn with hundreds of lingams, … Continue reading


LP Mayk-Wat Lam Kradan


LP Mayk, Wat Lam Kradan Palad Khik blessed by Luang Phor Mayk could possibly be described as some of the least aesthetic, but appearance does not in any way reflect the … Continue reading

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